5 Reasons You Need a Nootropic Supplement

5 Reasons You Need a Nootropic Supplement in Your Study Arsenal

For those of you who don’t know, Nootropic supplements are a type of “drug” that helps people increase their memory ability, gently lift their mood and help their brain develop new pathways and synaptic connections.

Put simply, Nootropic supplements are the number one thing you need in your toolkit for study, exams or powering through university modules.

5 Reasons You Need a Nootropic Supplement


If you haven’t heard of Nootropic supplements yet, here are the top 5 reasons you need to get them in your life right now. If you’re a university student, have an intellectually demanding job or simply want to access the full capacity of your brain, it’s a no-brainer! (Excuse the pun)

You’ll Benefit from Boosted Memory

This is the main benefit most people who start with Nootropic supplements are looking for. After a few weeks, your brain will start developing a far more capable short and medium term memory, perfect for passing difficult exams or dealing with tough subject matter.

Of course, your mileage may vary but almost all students say they’ve developed a better memory that’s really had an impact on their student life.

Nootropics Improve Your Mood

This is a less understood benefit that still has a pleasant impact on students. By improving your general mood and sense of wellbeing, many students report being able to cope with high course loads without procrastinating or developing a worrying state of panic.

Nootropics do this by slightly altering the hormonal balance in your brain. The effect is very subtle however and doesn’t have any long term implications. It’s a similar effect to eating a generally balanced diet and exercising, something all students should be doing anyway!

You’ll Feel More Clear Headed

Ever looked at a textbook and thought “oh good god”? We’ve all been there, especially if you’re undertaking a scientific, computer or math related subject. Nootropic supplements help your brain “connect the dots” much quicker than it generally would, allowing you to look at quite difficult subject matter with a clarity and focus that really does help.

Some students also report that their attention span is higher whilst taking Nootropic supplements. Not everyone benefits from this but we would say 80% or more get the benefit.

Better Brain Connections

Scientists call this one Neuroplasticity. Put simply, it’s the way your brain copes with different situations and “re-connects” itself to help you cope. Have you begun learning a new language? Then your brain will be busily connecting thousands of nerves to try and re-wire your grey matter to help you learn faster.

It’s this Neuroplasticity that makes the human brain so powerful, Nootropic supplements give it a little boost to help those connections grow faster and stronger than by learning alone.

It’s a win, win situation.

Better Blood Flow, More Oxygen Delivery

The human brain is just like the many muscles that make up your body. It needs a healthy supply of nutrients, blood and oxygen to perform its best work. Nootropic supplements help open up the vascular areas of your brain, (The bit that deliver all these things to your brain) allowing your brain more access to oxygen, sugars and other good stuff!

So when your brain is busily working on forming new connections and helping you learn faster and quicker, it’s also getting all the help it needs along the way!

You’ll Become a Pro at Multitasking

One of the happy by-products of increased brain function, is the fact you’ll always have a little left in the tank for multitasking. Whether it be handling a busy course load and doing your accounts, or simply talking on the phone whilst typing, your brain will be able to join all the dots and cross all the T’s without any mistakes.

Sounds pretty awesome right?

Scientists have found that people who take Nootropic supplements are 30% better at multitasking than those who don’t. That’s something all busy bees can feel happy about!

How Can I Find Out More?

If these positive effects of Nootropic supplements have piqued your curiosity, then you can learn more about the effects and how you can start taking these supplements too at Nootropics Reviewed. You’ll also learn about any side effects and how to stay safe whilst gaining the benefits.