Benefits of Smart Drugs (Nootropics)

Benefits of smart drugs and their effect on cognitive function

Nootropics represent a multibillion-dollar industry that revolves around the desire or outcome that enhances the way our brain works, its health, and our ability to use it “more better.” Well, just better. However, they do much more than just helping us be better thinkers. In this article, we discuss the benefits of smart drugs.

Benefits of Smart Drugs (Nootropics)

The Sharper Brain

Nootropics are a long list of natural and synthesized compounds that in some way or another impact our brain. They offer a short list of benefits and each nootropic improves the brain a little bit different from the next. The overall benefits include:

• Help us to think better and to increase our ability to recall information
• Helps us think more clearly during crisis’s
• Helps provide protection on a chemical level
• Helps the brain’s various parts work better and more efficiently

The brain is a complex organ that is not fully understood. You can look at the human body as a chemical factory that uses food and air to create complex chemicals that interact, counter, and evolve so completely that it is difficult to know what they were originally. While that sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie it is an everyday occurrence in our body.

Brighter Thoughts

When you need to think better and have better focus, then you can turn to the nootropics that enhance focus. Those might include the amino acid L-Theanine which is a naturally occurring substance we find in certain plants used in many teas. You could also turn to Modafinil which is a compound that helps keep us alter. It is commonly used by people who work the night shift to keep them awake.

The vast differences between these two compounds are stark but they both improve how we think. L-Theanine is a calming agent that helps us stay relaxed even during stressful situations. Without the panic, we can think better rather than just reacting. Modafinil, on the other hand, is not calming. This comparison is to show how vastly different the nootropics are that help our brain improve focus. There are many nootropics on the list of focus drugs.

Those differences allow consumers to choose nootropics that fit their needs. If you work the night shift, then you probably need a nootropic that stimulates. If you overreact or are stressed out all the time, then you likely need a nootropic that calms the mind and eases the nerves. If you feel as though your brain is at risk for chemical damage either through the use of alcohol or drugs, or maybe simply from VOCs then you can find a whole host of nootropics that help to protect the brain and its cells from oxidative stress.

A license to Self-Medicate

Not all nootropics are over-the-counter. Some require a prescription, but that depends on how they are sold. In the US, the FDA makes a clear distinction between a medication and a supplement. Many nootropics are sold as supplements through private label small businesses. One of the criteria for being a nootropic is that they have little to no side effects and that they are not considered toxic. That has given the private label industry an almost free license to concoct their own blends of nootropics. So, one of the benefits of nootropics is that you can almost create a personalized medication or supplement that is as unique as you are.

The Benefits of Nootropics

The benefits of nootropics are vast and unique. Not only will your experience be different, but your goals should be too. That is one of the beautiful things about nootropics – they fit your needs. With traditional medicine, your body must conform to the treatment rather than the treatment to your body.

In short, there are many benefits that nootropics provide. Those range from begin able to focus better to protecting our brain from toxins. The list of what nootropics can do goes into behavior, beauty, long-term health, dream enhancement, and of course that help improve our cognitive ability. In fact, you can think of them as a massive family of compounds that approach cognitive enhancement differently. The real question is what do you need nootropics to do for you? Once you identify what you need from nootropics, it becomes a simpler task to find compounds or blends that match your needs.