Nootropic Rich Foods (Brain Food)

Nootropic rich foods can help you naturally increase mental focus, improve cognitive function and improve alertness.

There are many scientists who claim that humans use less than 10% of the capacity of their brain. This is the reason why people invented nootropics – natural supplements that can boost the cognitive functions and abilities in men and women. These supplements are made from different substances and many of them include extracts from fruits, vegetables and other foods that provide positive effects to the human brain (brain food). So, let’s highlight some of the popular nootropic rich foods that are often found in the nootropic supplements.

Gingko Biloba

Even if you have not heard about nootropics, you have probably heard about Gingko Biloba. This is the name of a tree that grows naturally in Asia and few other places in the world. Chinese folk medicine has used the leaves of this plant since ancient times. Several scientific studies have shown that Gingko Biloba can significantly boost cognitive functions and ease anxiety.

Nootropic Rich Foods Leaves on a ginko tree

Lion’s Mane

This is one of the mushrooms with the most interesting name. It can be purchased in almost every healthy food store in its natural form and as a supplement. Besides the exceptional nutritional value, many experts believe that it provides great effects for our mental health. The trials and studies that involved human subjects and Lion’s Mane have confirmed that this tasty mushroom can eliminate depression, soothe anxiety and improve brain functions. View More Nootropic Rich Foods (Brain Food)